Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End of July!

Ok so the no Dr Pepper thing didn't last, just missed the tasted too much.  Anyway haven't touched the dragon in about a week, Lord I need some accountability! I have been working on a crochet shawl/wrap and it is coming along. It is lightweight and pretty cute in the light pink that I had left over from a baby afghan.

July is nearly over now so it is time to start getting the kiddos ready for school! Can't believe the summer is almost gone...well I can. We have been super busy and the kids have been tearing up the house and playing in the pool, my little Billy Bear is becoming a little brown, blonde child! Hope everyone has a great week and check in with me on facebook at
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Love and Blessings!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I promised pictures of my latest project will here they are:

Have really got to get my butt in gear and finish this poor Debby has been waiting like almost 2 years for me to get this done!

Peace and Blessings 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holiday fun

Had a wonderful time Saturday with friends! I did cheat over the weekend and had a couple Dr Peppers but I also drank quite a bit of alcohol so I think that evens out, don't you? LOL Now it is back to the daily grind of work and water.  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and didn't catch anything on fire!  I promised photos of the dragon project and I will get them I promise (again) before the end of the week!

Blessings and Peace to you all!