Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

It has been quite some time since I posted on here and I think it is time to get back in the habit. Yes I finished the nativities for my sisters and I will post pics soon (they are on my hubby's computer) I got out of the habit of taking a pic for every stage... Anyway so everyone makes New Year's Resolutions and I do too. My first was to learn a new craft, knitting. So even before the old year was out I had bought a set of needles and a how too book and pretty much taught myself the basics, now it is on to following a pattern. I even had a good start on that (just a basic knit hat) when my 3 year old took it off the needles, unraveled a big part of it, then sat on it in a full Pull Up...UGH.

I cried.

I tried to get it back on the needles.

I tried to untangle the yarn.

It was an old skein of lavender colored worsted weight that I don't think was even mine to begin with (I inherit yarn and other things from people *shrug*) so I just tossed the whole thing in the trash. It smelled anyway...

Now I have started over with a different skein and will keep it where he can't reach it. :)

Good luck and blessings aplenty with your own New Year's Resolutions whatever they may be.