Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JP's handprint

This is JP's handprint for starting Kindergarten. It became a tradition with my oldest when he was in K, although they did his in class.  Anyway he started Kinder last year and we just now got around to this and now I need to finish the dragon and get started on his started school sampler to match the older two.  Goodness I am getting behind! They started school Monday the 22nd and so far it is going good but this is just day 3 and I am already counting down to next summer. LOL

 Well so long and blessings and peace!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wow it is getting to be that time of year

School will be starting next week and three of my little ones will be in school! I normally have already ranted about school supplies but I haven't bought that many yet...I tend to rant about the ones they don't really need or that the school should be providing!  Anyway I am getting closer to being done with the dragon and am excited about starting the school sampler for James Paul! Will post pics of dragon again next week maybe or maybe tomorrow if I remember! LOL 

Have to go to a family function this weekend with the hubby and it will be a drive there and back through some pretty dry countryside, even with the rain we were blessed with last week it remains in drought conditions over much of our area. Keep us in your prayers! 

Halloween is fast approaching and hoping to get some decorations up this year and the kids costumes either bought or made soon! Went in Michaels for some inspiration yesterday and the kids were very excited although JP only likes the cutesy and or funny decorations...

Love and blessings for you all!